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The Wizard Smart Switch® (Product Bundle)

The Wizard Smart Switch® (Product Bundle)

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The Wizard Smart Switch®, the Magic Wand-Activated Smart Plug

Make your home magic - use a Magic Wand to turn items plugged into the Wizard Smart Plug® on/off.  Perfect for a bedside reading lamp, Christmas Tree, fairy lights, and home lights.

This bundle includes everything you need to get started: Magic Wand, Runestone, and Wizard Smart Plug®.  If you already own a Magic Wand from The Cauldron® Co., you may want to purchase the Runestone and Smart Plug separately (without the Magic Wand).

As seen on Kickstarter!


  • 1 x Magic Wand
  • 1 x Runestone
  • 1 x Smart Plug (select UK, US, or EU plug)

Wizard Smart Switch - How it Works

Feeling Extra Magical?

You can connect multiple Smart Plugs and Runestones together to control an entire room or house.  Up to 25 Smart Plugs can pair with one Runestone and vice versa.  

The list of what you can control remotely is endless - your imagination is your limit.

Wizard Smart Switch - Magical Objects

Getting Started

1) Pair the Runestone and Smart Plug

2) Plug in your electronic device of choice

3) Mount the Runestone where you like

4) Hover your want tip within 1/4 inch of the Cauldron symbol on the Runestone

5) Enjoy your newfound magical abilities!



Product Details

  • Warning: not a toy
  • Suitable for ages 12+
  • Magic Wand is made from PLA and contains small magnet
  • UK, EU and US plugs available
  • Runestone contains rechargeable battery (charging cable not included)
  • Wireless Range of up to 100 feet between Runesstone and Smart Plug
  • Manufactured in China and distributed by The Magic of Things® Ltd, 94B Wallis Road, Studio D08, London, E9 5LN.
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