The Wizard Smart Switch®

The world's first magic wand-activated smart plug. Use a Magic Wand to turn items plugged into the Wizard Smart Plug® on/off.

Get Started with a Product Bundle

All 3 items of The Wizard Smart Switch®. Perfect for the novice wizard who wants to buy everything to make their home magic.

Purchase individual items

Buy more of any one item. Perfect for:

  1. Wizards who already own a Wizard Smart Switch® and who are looking to add more Runestones, Smart Plugs, or Wands to their Wizard Ecosystem.
  2. Wizards who want to combine a custom-made magic wand from the Magic Wand Builder with a Runestone and Smart Plug.
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Add magic to your every day

  • Add magic to reading time

    Use your Wizard Smart Switch to control a bedside reading light, and bring the bedtime story to life.

  • Make the holidays even more magical

    Use your Wizard Smart Switch® to turn your Christmas tree on and off, and have the most magical Christmas Tree in town!

  • Make your home magical

    The Wizard Smart Switch® can be plugged into all types of lights, making for everyday magical moments.